We ensure the safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and performance of office and home appliances according to internationally recognized standards.

Whenever you switch on your TV, plug in a charger or use a corded power tool, you would naturally assume it will just work without giving you an electrical shock, or causing a fire or electromagnetic interference. This is because most electrical and electronic products have been tested and approved by professionals such as those working at STC’s Electrical Products Division.

With so many new electrical appliances entering the market each year, testing is essential to ensure safety. At STC, we issue test reports for a wide range of office and home appliances according to internationally recognized standards.

Furthermore, we have been granted accreditations such as the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), the Germany Deutscher Akkreditierungs Rat (DAkkS) and the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS), which safeguard the credibility of our testing services.

In addition to our one-stop product safety and EMC testing and certification services, we offer pre-shipment testing, fitness for use (FFU) testing and technical support services. We are accredited by OFCA of the Hong Kong SAR Government to conduct certification of wireless products to Hong Kong according to the Local Certification Body (LCB) Scheme. We are also a CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL) under the worldwide accepted IECEE Scheme.

We also help raise public awareness of electrical product safety and EMC issues through seminars, newsletters and participation in events such as the annual Hong Kong Electronics Fair. 

Testing Services